Kris Birthday Party Fanaccount 121106: Lay said this very sincerely:”when i first met kris,i am very happy,because theres only a few chinese trainee.Kris is tall & handsome(luhan then opened & raised up his arm to show how gigantic kris is),when we were together,i find that he really knows how to take care of his friends, he is really warm hearted. Although we had some misunderstanding previously,but now, i really think that hes a good hyung to me.Thank god for letting us meet.

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121105 News: SM Entertainment had made a official public apology today saying that they will try as much as possible to discipline the managers of Exo

Recently video of Sm entertainment,group EXO’s manager hitting girl head had go viral. The video show a scene in airport where EXO members were, and as there was an excessive number of fans, they were all crowded around EXO. The manager then hit one of the fan girl violently causing her spectacle to fly off. After investigation, the suspect turned out to be one of Shinee’s manager, who also had history of hitting fan. The suspect has not been confirm. Today, SM company had made a public apology saying, as much as possible they will try to make a effort for their managers.


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Fan account: When Filming for ‘All Going Out’ <全力以赴>, Everyone was making fun of Kris,saying he started acting cool to attract fangirl by cutting his shirt collar to a deep V neck.But the truth is because Kris is too tall,the mic wire is too short to attach to the round collar,so he immediate borrowed a scissor to cut it.And that was his personal shirt.

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D.O Facts

—-According to a Chinese magazine’s review, D.O has a lot of anti fans in China 

—-The anti fans issue was caused by an untruth rumour about M1 members (the planned name before EXO), since D.O still having his training days. The rumour said that when TVXQ held a concert, M1 members were playing their PSPs instead of watching their seniors. So the angry Cassies start to hating M1 (as we know Cassies are the most loyal fans in history)

—-D.O also wanted to be a chef

—-Little D.O has taken many vocal course

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